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Iodine Method For SO2 Assembly (#170-2338)

Iodine Method For SO2 Assembly (#170-2338)

Quantity Item

Iodine Method For SO2 Assembly

Our Price: $116.45

Pipet, Volumetric 5ml Class A (1/each)

Our Price: $7.35

Dispenser 10cc luer-Lok (2/each)

Our Price: $1.55

Flask Erlenmeyer 250ml (1/ea.)(Stop#6) (NOTE: See full description if purchasing for any of the following assemblies: #170-3598, #170-2086,#170-2338)

Our Price: $7.15

Flask Erlenmeyer 500ml (1/ea.)(Stop#7)

Our Price: $8.65

Sodium Hydroxide 10% 16oz. (1/each)

Our Price: $13.60

Sulfuric Acid(25%) 16oz. (1/each)

Our Price: $17.00

Starch Indicator 1% 4oz. (1/each)

Our Price: $8.40


Our Price: $2.50

Pipet, Volumetric, Class A, Glass

Our Price: $14.25

Sodium Thio. 0.025N 4oz. (1/each)

Our Price: $8.10

Iodine 0.0156N 16oz. (1/each)

Our Price: $26.35

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