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#170-3570 (NOTE: HAZARDOUS SHIPPING CHARGES APPLY) - COMPLETE ASSEMBLY - Aeration Oxidation Assembly for Free Sulfur Dioxide (option A)

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Vacuum, Aspirator Pump

Our Price: $21.90

NOTE: Qty. of two(2) required if purchasing for the following assemblies: 170-3512,170-3570,170-3575

Our Price: $14.85

Hydrochloric Acid 0.01N Solution

Our Price: $4.60

Impinger Set Complete (Base not Included)

Our Price: $86.40


Our Price: $2.50


Our Price: $35.10

Sodium Hydroxide 0.010N

Our Price: $14.00

Support Stand

Our Price: $26.65

Tubing and Stoppers

Our Price: $18.60

Vacuum Aspiration Indicator - 1/2 oz

Our Price: $9.70

Flask, Side Port

Our Price: $66.85

Phosphoric Acid 25% Solution

Our Price: $37.45

Plastic Base for Impinger Bottom (1/ea.)

Our Price: $4.30

Graduated Cylinder

Our Price: $14.40

Pipet, Volumetric, Class A, Glass

Our Price: $10.25

Hydrogen Peroxide 30% Reagent (1 oz)

Our Price: $11.45

Dilute Acid for SO2 - (1 oz)

Our Price: $5.50

Dilute Base for Vacuum SO2

Our Price: $5.50

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